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About our Porridge

bowl of hot cereal

Our porridge is a stone ground hot cereal made from USDA certified organic whole grains. We make five varieties of porridge; each variety containing a different blend of whole grains.


What is porridge

Lots of people have heard of porridge, but what exactly is it? Simply, porridge (also known as hot cereal) is a cooked dish made from boiling grains in water or milk.  Porridge had been around for centuries and is found throughout the world.  It is found in Scotland made with oats, in Italy made with corn, in Tibet made with barley; just about anywhere in the world one can find a version of porridge. 

What makes our porridge cereal special?

We start with certified organic whole grains.  We choose organic grains to ensure that no chemical pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms find there way into our cereal.  Organic is better for the Earth and better for us.  We use whole grains because whole grains contain all the nutrition and fiber - and also flavor!  Because different grains have different nutrients, our blends of grains produce hot cereals with optimal nutrition and flavor. See our ingredients page to learn more about the healthy qualities of our whole grains.

The recipe

Hot cereal made with one kind of grain can be a delicious breakfast or snack. Hot cereal made with several grains makes an extra delicious breakfast or snack.  Earth’s Harvest Farm porridges are made with blends of several different kinds of grains. We have done a lot of mixing over the years and we have settled on a few grain mixtures that we really like.  It is those mixtures that we have packaged up for you to enjoy.  Please take a look in our shop and see what we have created.

The mill

Our mill is another reason our cereals are special. A good porridge needs to be ground to just the right consistency to make a great hot cereal. Our mill is a stone mill.  Stone grinding is the best way to grind grain because it doesn’t heat the grain like modern milling equipment.  The more the grain is heated during grinding, the more nutrients are destroyed.  Stone milling is a more expensive process but it produces a more nutritious porridge, and we think that is worth it.


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